roots 0

An object using plant roots.

¥20,000 (税込)






約 幅120mm×奥行130mm×高さ200mm


こちらの商品に使用しているセメントはとても繊細です 。梱包は厳重にしておりますが、遠距離の場合、配送の過程で傷んでしまうケースもあります(大阪より出荷)。セメントの損傷が、ひどい場合はこちらにて対応致します。多少はご理解いただけますと幸いです。


It is an object using the root of the thing.

Looking back at the roots, I was fascinated by the mysterious form and made it.

To make the most of beautiful roots, cement and brass are simple.

The design incorporates a “zero gravity” that can be felt from the roots that stretch endlessly.


Width 120mm × depth 130mm × height 200mm


The cement used for this product is very delicate. Packing is strict, but in the case of long distances, there are cases where it will be damaged during the delivery process (shipped from Osaka). If cement damage is severe, we will respond here. I hope you understand it a little.

In addition, there is some instability due to the nature of the design. Thank you for your understanding.