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Old cedar wood vase

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こちらの商品に使用しているセメント・木材はとても繊細です 。梱包は厳重にしておりますが、遠距離の場合、配送の過程で苔が傷んでしまうケースもあります(大阪より出荷)。また、素材の質感を活かすため木材には塗装を施しておりませんので木屑が落ちてくることがございます。セメントや木材の損傷がひどい場合はこちらにて対応致します。多少はご理解いただけますと幸いです。また古材を利用しておりますので、使用過程で劣化することも併せてご理解いただけますようお願いいたします。

A flowerpot made from recycled old cedar wood.

I didn't imagine something, but while cutting and combining old materials and having fun

I made. Although it is a small size, the texture of old wood gives it a strong presence.

There is a bottom hole so water can pass through. The cement plate is laid under that

As there is no water leakage, it can be placed indoors.

The cement tray is designed to come off, so it is easy to discard the accumulated water.

can do.

The last photo used the bottom hole to make flowers.

*The plants in the photo are not included.*


Width 130mm × depth 65mm × height 115mm


The cement and wood used in this product are very delicate. The packaging is strict, but in the case of long distances, the moss may be damaged during the shipping process (shipped from Osaka). In addition, wood is not painted to take advantage of the texture of the material, so wood chips may fall off. If the cement or wood is severely damaged, we will handle it. I hope you understand this to some extent. We also use old materials, so please understand that they may deteriorate during use.

In the case of overseas shipping, the moss shown in the photo is not included.

If you wish to ship overseas, please see the Overseas shipment page.